MA International is a company of the people who are perfect craftsmen and genuine manufacturer of so many products made of buffalo and sheep horn, camel and buffalo bone and also of different variety wood. From this raw material different sizes of scales are made which are being used in making knife handles everywhere in the globe. The company makes nuts and saddles from horn and bone which are used in making guitars. The company makes different size buttons of bone, horn and wood which are widely used and appreciated. Different design beads are also made out of above noted materials which are used in making jewelry. The company makes bone folders also which are used in book binding.

We have been in the trade for the last three decades. It has been our hereditary business. The company has infrastructure to prepare any product of bone, horn and wood in its factory. The company has capacity to prepare bulky order also in the shortest possible time. The skilled craftsmen of the company can handle any tough and tedious job very effectively. The company has considerable number to skilled workers dedicated to their job. The company provides all facilities to its workers.   

The factory of the company is based in Uttar Pradesh India. The buyers are welcomed to pay a visit to the factory.